April 15th 2004 Challenge - Red Rock Challenge - Winners

First Place Derek Wolfe
Second Place Luis Paulo Bonci
Second Place Dave Maloney
Third Place Winners

Entry 06 Dale Schulz
Entry 02 Richard Riney
Entry 25 Carlos Vega
Entry 13 Michael Foster

Entry 18 Don Burchfield
Entry 07 Keith Opie
Entry 08 Mark Loertscher

Entry 22 Ed Tuttle
Entry 26 Christopher Richard
Entry 20 Forbes Robertson

Other Entries

Entry 01 Howard Prince
Entry 04 Dan Jonsson
Entry 05 Luis Antonio Perez Cuevas
Entry 09 Willard Black

Entry 10 Maximiliano de Seixas Gonçalve
Entry 10 Dan Schultzer
Entry 12 David Campfield
Entry 14 Mark Salyer

Entry 15 Guillermo Navarro
Entry 16 Darren Hickman
Entry 17 Derek Riggs
Entry 19 Rodolf Skowerski

Entry 21 Edward Piecyk
Entry 27 Luis Aranda
Entry 28 Horacio Ramos

April 15th 2004 Challenge - Red Rock Challenge - Outline

How would you like to craft the image that will be used for the 2004 version of Strata's Red Rock Revival User Conference? Better yet, how would you like to win a Red Rock Learning Vacation - a $2,400 value that comes complete with two conference passes, hotel accommodations and travel cash? Not enough? Included in the Grand Prize Package are a Creativepro.com fleece vest and tumbler, a copy of Scott Kelby's best selling book "Photoshop CS Down & Dirty", PhotoshopCafe's amazing "Guru Package" and a one year subscription to Mac Design Magazine.

Use "Rocky", the mascot of the Red Rock Revival Strata User Conference, to create the base image for the conference binder, web site, videos and follow-up CDs. The entry must portray Rocky in a positive light (he's very concerned about his "image") and reflect the essence and wonder of the creative environment of Zion National Park. Rocky may be extruded, used as the basis for a texture map, etc. Rocky may stand as the central element of your illustration or he might recede into the background (where's Waldo style). But above all, make a great image.

Reference images and information can be found here:

Many resources can be found here:

Get Rocky here:

The Prizes

1st Place

  • 2004 RRR Conference Learning Vacation
  • Two 2004 RRR Conference Passes ($1,590 value)
  • Zion Park Inn Hotel Stay for two ($220 value)
  • $500 towards travel expenses
  • Creativepro.com fleece vest
  • Creativepro.com tumbler
  • PhotoshopCafe Live "Guru Package" ($140 value)
  • Photoshop CS Down & Dirty, by Scott Kelby ($40 value)
  • Mac Design Magazine 1 year subscription
2nd Place (x2)
  • 2004 RRR Conference Pass ($795 value)
  • PhotoshopCafe Live "Guru Package" ($140 value)
  • Creativepro.com fleece vest
  • Creativepro.com tumbler
  • Photoshop CS Down & Dirty, by Scott Kelby ($40 value)
  • PhotoshopCafe Live "Guru Package" ($110 value)
  • Mac Design Magazine 1 year subscription
3rd Place (x10)
  • 2004 RRR Conference Buddy Pass (2 for 1)
  • Mac Design Magazine 1 year subscription

Note: Some prizes awarded to non-US winners may be subject to shipping charges. Mac Design Magazine subscription prizes are restricted to US residents only.


Overall impact: 50% of score / Concept: 25% of score / Graphics Skill: 25% of score

Rules and Conditions

- 3D renderings for this project must be created with either Strata 3Dplus, 3Dpro, or the trial version available here.

- Image must contain the Red Rock logo, "Rocky", in some form or fashion.

- Entries will consist of a JPG file approximately 5 X 7 inches at 72 DPI (360 pixels wide x 504 pixels high).

- Entries must include a screenshot of your model in Strata 3D.

- Submit Entries using the submission form on the upper left hand corner of this page.

- All entries and designs must be your original.

- The image cannot contain your name or email address anywhere on it, as the judging will be anonymous.

- You may use any tools or platform you choose, but you must use Strata 3D for at least 30% of the design.

- Winners must provide a layered Photoshop file at 5 X 7 inches at 300 DPI for print resolution.

- All entries will be accepted until midnight on Thursday April 15th 2004.

- Entries are limited to one per designer, all other submissions will be disqualified.

- Anyone may enter (except judges).

- In order to qualify for the Grand prize you must be at least 18 years of age.

- Judges decision will be final and no exceptions.

- If you have any questions regarding challenge rules or theme guidelines, please email michael@stratacafe.com