January 23rd Challenge - 2001 Calling - Winners

First Place Robert Backman
Second Place Mark Dhand
Third Place Dale Schulz
January 23rd Challenge - 2001 Calling - Entries

Entry 01 Hans Westbeek
Entry 02 Daniel Wentzell
Entry 03 Milan Balaban
Entry 04 Nicholas Webb
Entry 05 Dan Jonsson

Entry 06 Luther Eason
Entry 07 area5workshop
Entry 08 Victor Ascencao
Entry 10 Randy Power

Entry 12 Michael Walker
Entry 14 Mike Ball
Entry 15 Victor Leon
January 23rd Challenge - 2001 Calling - Outline

The very first challenge run on the Cafe was for a cellphone, back in July 2001. Well, 5 years has passed (not to the day for the challenge, but it's a little over 5 years for the Cafe) and Strata 3D and the Cafe have come a long way. Not to mention the mobile phones in general have become so stylish and advanced that we would have considered something like the RAZR to be science fiction in 2001. Let's see just how far we've come by blowing that cell challenge out of the water.

So, just to be clear: the challenge is to create a cellphone. It can be an existing cellphone, or one of your creation. The focus is on quality of modelling, texturing and rendering.

The final entries will still be posted without names for voting, but I'd like to reduce the need to keep everything secret till voting day. You're welcome to post works in progress to the gallery, and solicit advice from the forums at any time before the challenge ends.


A submission consists of a JPG of the final rendering (any size) and a screenshot of the model in Strata 3D. The submissions are to be anoanymous, so no name can be printed on the image.

Final submissions can be submitted by email to michael@stratacafe.com

Rules and Conditions

The 3D rendering in this challenge must be completely entirely in Strata3D. Modeling can be done in Strata 3D, or another app and imported into Strata 3D for rendering.

Photoshop, Illustrator, or other image editors or page layout programs may be used for post-processing, texture creation or page layout.

Any amount of post work may be done in Photoshop or other image editors, but try to avoid excessively "hand painting" the image.

If you have any questions regarding challenge rules or theme guidelines, please email me at michael@stratacafe.com

Entries will be accepted until midnight on January 23rd. Judging will be done online by any member of the cafe with a gallery that's willing to vote =)

Submissions must be JPG, TIFF or PCT images. All images will be compressed as JPG's. The image cannot contain your name or email address anywhere on it, as the judging will be anonymous.

These rules may be subject to change without notice before the close of the contest.

Please, if you have any questions or suggestions regarding the contest, please email me at: michael@stratacafe.com