September 26th Challenge "Drivers, start your blenders!" - Winners

First Place John Hunter Barrie
Second Place Howard Prince
Third Place Dale Schulz
September 26th Challenge "Drivers, start your blenders!" - Entries

Entry 01 Paul Corfield
Entry 02 Mike Gleason
Entry 04 David A. Campfield
Entry 05 Darren Hickman

Entry 06 Luis Antonio Pérez
Entry 07 Charlie Tomalesky
Entry 08 Karlos Vidal
Entry 09 Lex de Azevedo

Entry 11 Marcos José Numes de Oliveira
Entry 13 Chris Hartley
Entry 15 Geoff Teehan
Entry 16 Travis Kinnison

Entry 17 Randy Power
Entry 18 Don Burchfield
Entry 19 Jerry Baker

September 26th Challenge "Drivers, start your blenders!" - Outline

Our last pure "realism" challenge seemed to go well, so we'll give it another shot.

This one is pretty simple: model, texture, light and render an electric kitchen appliance, and make it look as photorealistic as possible. The choice of appliance is up to you: Blender, mixer, coffee machine, toaster, juicer, whatever. It doesn't have to be a complicated appliance, as long as it can pass as a photo =)

The setting is up to you as well. It could be in a kitchen, or even on a white background like studio photography. Keep in mind that studio photography is all about removing imperfections and creating an idyllic image that doesn't necessarily reflect reality, so that may work against you.

Models may be imported from external modelers (eg. Wings, Amapi, Silo, etc.). Any amount of post work may be done in Photoshop or other image editors, but try to avoid excessively "hand painting" the image.

Models must be original, and created by you. No publicly available models may be used, nor can "3D in a box" solutions, like Poser or Bryce. All 3D rendering for this project must be performed by Strata3D.

Rules and Conditions

The 3D rendering in this challenge must be completely entirely in Strata3D. Modelling can be done in any program (except for Poser or other model collections), as long as the models are imported into Strata3D for rendering. Photoshop, Illustrator, or other image editors or page layout programs may be used for post-processing, texture creation or page layout.

All models and textures must be created by you.

If you have any questions regarding challenge rules or theme guidelines, please email me at michael@stratacafe.com

Entries must be JPG files, but they can be any size. Just try to keep it reasonable. If it doesn't fit on anyone's screen, it doesn't leave a good impression. Excessively large or uncompressed images may be resized at our discretion.

Entries will be accepted until midnight on Sunday September 26th. Judging will be done online by any member of the cafe with a gallery that's willing to vote =)

Entries will consist of a JPG file, and a screenshot of your model in Strata3D. The image cannot contain your name or email address anywhere on it, as the judging will be anonymous. Original artist copyright information must be submitted separately if the image is a 3D recreation of an existing peice.

These rules may be subject to change without notice before the close of the contest.

Please, if you have any questions or suggestions regarding the contest, please email me at: michael@stratacafe.com

The benefits of the contest:

1) Winners will receive a charming banner to place on their website.

2) There will also be a smaller graphic, that looks a lot like the larger graphic, that will reside on the winners profile page on StrataCafe, forever and ever.

3) People can come to this page to get information on up and coming contests and view past winners (That would be you!)

4) You will receive the adoration of your friends and family, as well as most of the people who visit StrataCafe. (Note: Adoration not a guarantee.)