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Note: The Cafe gallery is currently experiencing some extended attention from hackers. I'm currently searching for the vulnerabilty in my code, but in the meantime, I am reverting the database to a known clean backup when the hackers return. I hope to have this issue settled shortly, but I'll apologize for the hassle in the meantime. I know it's not nice when your posted images constantly go missing =(

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Striped Ball
"Striped Ball..." (2)
Adapting to Climate Change...
"Adapting to Clim..." (0)
Jan Kaliciak
Adapting to Climate Change....
"Adapting to Clim..." (0)
Jan Kaliciak
"blocks..." (3)
Thomas Østergaard
"Untitled..." (5)
Chris Tyler
"led..." (3)
Yves Bernard
tooth brush (close-up)
"tooth brush (clo..." (0)
Yves Bernard
tooth brush
"tooth brush..." (0)
Yves Bernard
The Interview
"The Interview..." (1)
Jeff Quan
Vineyard Summer Place
"Vineyard Summer ..." (4)
Jack Moore
Seaview Emerging from the Mist and Diving
"Seaview Emerging..." (0)
Jim Girard
auto repair3
"auto repair3..." (0)
Yves Bernard
auto repair2
"auto repair2..." (0)
Yves Bernard
auto repair 1
"auto repair 1..." (0)
Yves Bernard
Kitchen Counter
"Kitchen Counter..." (0)
Christian Moore
Seaview Submarine Emerging from the Mist
"Seaview Submarin..." (1)
Jim Girard
"filmstrip..." (0)
Christian Moore
coffee cup
"coffee cup..." (4)
Yves Bernard
"MINI..." (2)
Yasumasa Isogai
Strata ProSkills Class April 23-25 - 2014
"Strata ProSkills..." (0)
Christian Moore
LMP1 Concept electric Car
"LMP1 Concept ele..." (1)
Kip Kubisz
Star Wars Dice Game
"Star Wars Dice G..." (2)
Reynir Hauksson
"Fractured..." (3)
Thomas Østergaard
"MINI-inner..." (2)
Yasumasa Isogai
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