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Artist's Comments: Still working on some different ideas, poses props, etc. This was a test render with some post work in Photoshop.
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The Conversation
Thomas ěstergaard Lidsheim
11/12/2011 9:22:41 AM
GREAT JOB! Super cool idea - and very nice choice of colors, too.. :) 
Ken Bringhurst
05/15/2011 10:26:35 PM
LOVE this image! 
Leif Buckley
05/14/2011 1:13:17 PM
So Hans, you are a fan of World of Warcraft? Heh heh, thanks, glad you like it! 
Hans Westbeek
05/13/2011 7:40:31 AM
One word: Wow!  
Leif Buckley
05/10/2011 8:20:19 PM
Glad you like it, thanks SEB. More to come in time! 
SEB Graphiste
05/10/2011 8:50:33 AM
Cool idea, nice colors and realistic textures for a perfect work : i just love it ! Excellent ! 
Leif Buckley
05/09/2011 11:28:57 PM
Hi Dale, thank you very much. This was another back-burner file. ChrisT, thank you! I used your Steel shader for the paper clip. 
Chris Tyler
05/09/2011 9:21:57 PM
Quite cool. 
Chris Tyler
05/09/2011 9:21:57 PM
Quite cool. 
05/09/2011 9:50:32 AM
WOW!! Bravo, Leif! This looks great. Impressive concept and construction. 
Leif Buckley
05/09/2011 9:03:33 AM
Hi Mike & Mike, thanks! Yes, each paperclip is positioned individually and no two limbs are the same. 
Mike Hopkins
05/09/2011 7:48:52 AM
If they were, wow! What patience! Fun image well done. 
Mike Gleason
05/09/2011 7:43:35 AM
Neat idea, Leif. Are all the paperclips positioned individually?