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Artist's Comments: !div style="display:none"!edf40wrjww2gallery:imagedesc!/div!Dusting a project off the shelf...

Slides are textured using UV map in Wings3D, (map size of 4096px x 4096px from scans of the actual sliderules (scans where done at 300px/inch)).
A little bit tedious lining up on the UV maps in Wings.
Pretty well done with the slides portions.
The white sliderule is made of magnesium (1950s) - hence the dark patina.
The yellow sliderule is newer (1960s) and is made of aluminum.

Still needs a lot of work on the texturing of the aluminum parts of the older (white) sliderule as well as the nylon cursor ends on the newer (yellow) sliderule,
(The cursor is the part containing the clear plastic with the hairline).
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