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Artist's Comments: Once again, ushering in a new year with a solid gold toilet. And dont mind Larry back there. Hes ...um... sleeping. ...Too much brine. Happy 2009, Strata Cafe!
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The Conversation
Jason Bohanon
01/06/2009 9:32:05 PM
Thanks for the comments guys. I feel we have an interesting year ahead of us. Oh, and Larry says Hi. 
01/03/2009 2:04:40 AM
Happy New Year to you Jason! 
Ken Bringhurst
01/02/2009 1:18:02 PM
Thats hilarious - on several levels! Thanks for posting it. 
mex sara
01/01/2009 10:02:08 AM
the distressed pickled pickle is some what disturbing happy new year to you mx