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Artist's Comments: I rerendered my sax in CX 6 with a blurry metal texture and a homemade HDRI. I experimented using the jitter feature in the render dialogue, but I dont think it did a great deal of justice to the more intricate parts. Probably would have been better with a higher sampling (current was 9). The speed improvements were impressive, though.
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The Conversation
Chris Tyler
07/04/2009 9:48:38 PM
Higher oversampling rates are much faster in 6.0, especially when using raydiosity. You should give it a try. I render with it regularly now whereas in 5.5 and didnt always. 
Jason Bohanon
07/04/2009 0:17:47 AM
Thanks Chris. The jitter function seems nice for simulating micro-imperfections which is great for metals, but like you said, it seems you really have to pump up the oversampling (which can certainly lengthen the render time) to keep from adding too much grit into the image. 
Chris Tyler
07/03/2009 9:43:19 PM
Very nice. And yes, the jitter function is best used with at least 9x oversampling. 4 samples is just not quite enough to make the filtering work idealy.