Legal Disclaimer
Purpose of StrataCafe

The purpose of StrataCafe is to provide a free forum for Strata users to share and showcase their own work (textures, models, profiles, etc.)

Conditions of artwork submissions

Note: The term "Artwork" refers to all User made submissions that you as a user can make to this website. This may include images, animations, models and textures.

Submitted Artwork is not reviewed or judged prior to display. Users MUST submit ONLY ORIGINAL WORK OF THEIR CREATION and the submitting user assumes all liability, legal or otherwise, for their submitted Artwork. If you submit Artwork that infringes on the copyright of another designer then Corastar Inc., the StrataCafe, MauMedia and Michael Luscombe are expressly not liable for any such submissions. You, the user, must accept responsibility of any kind for fraudulent work that you post to the StrataCafe site.

Users agree that any submitted models and textures are available to be used freely in any commercial or personal use by anyone. Textures and shapes submitted to or downloaded from this site may not be resold or repackaged for inclusion in commercial collections of models and/or textures for profit, with the exception of use by Corastar Inc. in Strata products.

Although the Artwork submitted to the StrataCafe is offered freely, it is not considered public-domain and the artist retains all ownership and copyright of the artwork.

Images submitted to the gallery section of this site are the sole copyright of the creator. Gallery images may not be reprinted, resold, repackaged or altered for commercial use or profit with the sole exception of use in Strata software marketing by Corastar Inc. The user's submitting images for the gallery section of this site have granted Corastar Inc. and the StrataCafe non-exclusive rights to display the submitted images indefinitely.

Link submissions

The links section of this site is dynamic, and controlled entirely by it's members. Please report any innappropriate links to support@stratacafe.com


Artwork (models and textures, etc.) are assumed by StrataCafe / Michael Luscombe to the be the original designs of the individuals that Corastar Inc., the StrataCafe, MauMedia and Michael Luscombe do not accept responsibility (legal or otherwise) for the consequences of improper submissions - which may include Artwork submissions for which the user does not have legal rights to and/or false statements made by users in any text which may be submitted along with Artwork or in forums. All users expressly accept responsibility for all posts - of any kind - which they make to this site.

Contact Information
Any questions pertaining to this legal statement can be directed to : support@stratacafe.com

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