div style=display:nonefjrigjwwe9r2baseinfo:comments/divOversigt over hardware: Modelnavn: Power Mac G5 Model-id: PowerMac7,3 Processornavn: PowerPC G5 (3.1) Processorhastighed: 2.7 GHz Antal CPUer: 2 L2-buffer (pr. CPU): 512 KB Hukommelse: 3,5 GB Bushastighed: 1.35 GHz
The big secret
"The big secret..." (1)
collision detektion
"collision detekt..." (4)
WIP just one more III
"WIP just one mor..." (7)
WIP just one more II
"WIP just one mor..." (1)
WIP just one more =)
"WIP just one mor..." (0)
one more
"one more..." (5)
Still a WIP
"Still a WIP..." (0)
the big blue =)
"the big blue =)..." (1)
WIP for a matte painting II texture
"WIP for a matte ..." (2)
WIP for a matte painting II
"WIP for a matte ..." (1)
WIP for a matte painting
"WIP for a matte ..." (2)
WIP thingy 2248
"WIP thingy 2248..." (0)
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