div style=display:nonefjrigjwwe9r2baseinfo:comments/divWriters block is for amateurs. -- Charles Schulz The box said Windows 95 or Better, so I bought a Mac. NOTE: Since so many of you have inquired about my more arcane techniques for producing images, I have moved the instructional uploads into the Featured Images section. Ill expect an apple on my desk every morning, and there will be a quiz on Tuesday. . . . 8)
Featured Images
Glow Dome Demo:  Heavy Hauler
"Glow Dome Demo: ..." (0)
Line Drawing
"Line Drawing..." (0)
Line Drawing Variant
"Line Drawing Var..." (0)

Key Clients
"Im BAAAAACK..." (0)
Corporate Headquarters
"Corporate Headqu..." (0)
Lets share those Cokes!
"Lets share those..." (0)
"Silliness..." (0)
"MECHANO!!!..." (0)
Kirby Kraft
"Kirby Kraft..." (0)
Midnight Oil
"Midnight Oil..." (0)
Draughting Room - Another Variant
"Draughting Room ..." (0)
Comics Again
"Comics Again..." (0)
More Comic Use
"More Comic Use..." (0)
Models at Work
"Models at Work..." (0)
For the Comics
"For the Comics..." (0)
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