div style=display:nonefjrigjwwe9r2baseinfo:comments/divStrata 3d applications have been top of my toolkit list for nearly 16 years. The quality of the rendering engine in 3Dpro is superior to other 3D apps and it has many features not found in applications costing considerably more. My clients marvel at the photorealism which can be achieved quickly keeping their budgets down and my output up.
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Nokia 9210 Communicator
"Nokia 9210 Commu..." (0)
Zvesda K36D Ejection System
"Zvesda K36D Ejec..." (0)
Shell Oil Packaging Process
"Shell Oil Packag..." (0)
Carling Keyrings
"Carling Keyrings..." (0)

Key Clients
Schweppes Sales Aid
"Schweppes Sales ..." (0)
Schweppes Serving Tray
"Schweppes Servin..." (0)
Schweppes Fridge
"Schweppes Fridge..." (0)
Nokia 9210 Communicator
"Nokia 9210 Commu..." (0)
Rothschild CDROM Governments
"Rothschild CDROM..." (0)
Rothschild CDROM Commodities
"Rothschild CDROM..." (0)
Rothschild CDROM How much gold?
"Rothschild CDROM..." (0)
Rothschild CDROM Natural Resources
"Rothschild CDROM..." (0)
Shell Oil Container
"Shell Oil Contai..." (0)
Stalins Private Anti Chamber
"Stalins Private ..." (0)
Stalins Kremlin Office
"Stalins Kremlin ..." (0)
The Brain
"The Brain..." (0)
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